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liquidA3/S3 opions

The liquidS3 is available as an insert and a kit.

liquidA3/S3 - Insert 

The insert is designed to be fitted to the users own vent once the air flaps have been removed. It is available to fit either the pre or post face lift vent. A picture of the insert is shown below.

Once fitted to the users own vent it looks like this;


liquidA3/S3 - Kit

This is a kit of the parts needed to be fitted to the purchasers own air vent or other mounting solution. No soldering is required to complete the kit but some mechanical dexterity and gluing will be necessary.  

The liquidA3/S3 kit looks like this.

The kit can be fitted to a modified vent,  see  below, see below an example from a customer. 

Pre facelift vent

Post face lift vent

Mechanical Diagram 1

Mechanical Diagram 2

KIT Conditions of sale 

This is the PCB that can be used in a range of cars with square air vents such as the Audi S3 / Seat Leon.